ATX PSU Dev Board

in 3D Printer Controller Kits

This is an ATX breakout board inspired and based on  You can purchase the PCB alone, the DIY kit which includes the PCB & all components needed for assembly, or the ATX board with components completely assembled.  Please select your choice from the above drop-down options.


  • ATX PSU Dev PCB (x1)
    PCB measures 74.5mm x 67mm (2.93" x 2.64")
  • Fuse MF-R500 (x4)
  • Fuse MF-R1100 (x1)
  • 3mm LED Green (x2)
  • 10 pin fixed terminal block (x1)
  • 4 pin pluggable terminal block (x2)
  • 2 pin pluggable terminal block (x1)
  • ATX connector (x1)
  • 10 pin header (x1)
  • 1kohm 250mW 5% resistor (x2)
  • 22ohm 3W 5% resistor (x1)
  • 30ohm 5W 5% resistor (x1)

More information on this product is available on the RepRap Wiki. and Github.