Prusa PCB Heated Bed

in 3D Printer Controller Kits

Adding this PCB to your printing platform will transform it into a heated surface perfect for minimizing warping of larger prints as well as eliminating the need for a raft when printing with ABS.

  • Dimensions:  214 x 214mm
  • Print Area Dimensions:  200 x 200mm
  • Includes: 1.8kohm 125mW 1% SMT resistor (x1)
    Manufacturer #: ERJ6ENF1801V
  • Includes: Red SMT LED (x2)
    Manufacturer #: 5988110107F


The platform has a 3mm hole in every corner for using M3 bolts, other people may glue or clamp metal disks on the corners and use magnets. However, it has to be mounted on a heat resistant underground. An insulating material below the heatbed is highly recommended.

Heating element

The heating element is on the bottom side. The heating is done by long traces of copper.

The top side is solid copper to keep the PCB flat enough. Also it prevents that the print head can render the heatbed completely useless when accidentally crashing into it.


You will need some Polyimide Tape to have a surface that sticks to ABS plastic when hot.

When having this PCB covered with Polyimide Tape you will be able to print most objects raft-less on it. Please note that some smaller objects may become more difficult to print as the lower layers won't cool as fast as on non-heated beds. Printing multiple objects at the same time helps in this matter.


With 12V, our prototype draws 9.9A when cold which goes down to 7.5A when hot. With isolation on the bottom of this heater, it reaches 100°C in about ~4,5 minutes, measured on the side of the heat field. These ratings may be slightly different on each PCB.

The base material of this PCB can withstand 150°C. However, a maximum of 120°C long time is recommended.


While the PCB is almost fully covered in a nice red solder resist, there are two connections to solder cables on. Also, a possibility to mount two SMD LEDS and one SDM resistor.

Important: Use only cables which can withstand at least 15A and are able to withstand the heat. Most silicone and PTFE covered cables should do.

Important: Be sure to cover the solder joints with insulating heat resistant tape (for example Polyimide Tape)

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