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Optical Endstop


Optical Endstop

$ 2.50

This item is a single Optical Endstop Circuit Board. This board is based off of the Opto Endstop RRS-OE design. These limit switches can be used with Mendel & other RepRaps. Three (3) endstops are needed for most builds.

This item is available as a fully assembled PCB, or you can purchase a blank PCB only and source your own components.

-The fully assembled circuit board will be assembled with one (1) each of the following:

  • 3 pin positive latch connector
  • TCST2103 Switch
  • 220 ohm 0805 SMT
  • 1K ohm, 0805 SMT
  • 10K ohm, 0805 SMT
  • Green LED, 0805 SMT
  • Opto Endstop PCB

-The blank PCB will not have any components populated. You will need to source all SMT and PTH components for assembly.


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