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About us

Welcome to UltiMachine, 3D printer supply company.

UltiMachine is a leading 3D Printer component manufacturer. We develop systems that drive additive manufacturing. Specializing in electronics and consumables. We service 3D printing manufacturers, researchers, hobbyists and hackers. We collaborate on the RepRap Open Source 3D printer project and work with manufacturers, and developers to help 3D printing catch up with the hype.

Print Materials - We find, test, and contract out the production of high quality 3D printer polymers. We got our start in the industry in 2009 by arranging for the first successful productions of PLA 3D printer filament in the USA.  We had help from some stars in the RepRap community who helped test the different polymers and determine the best one. Since then we have worked with the extrusion factories to refine the tolerances and improve the product. We now have many different types of print materials and are constantly working to find innovative print materials.

Electronics - We design and manufacture electronics that drive 3D printing. We develop and assemble some of the most popular 3D printer electronics in our facility in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, USA. We make innovative printed circuit board assemblies to fill the needs of the industry. Our first entry(2010) into the 3D printer electronics was the hugely popular RAMPS platform, initially designed as a development tool to determine the electronic needs of 3D printing. The initial PCBs were made on a RepRap 3D printer, but the unpredictable demand for RAMPS pushed it through many iterations. We hand soldered thousands of PCBs, and gradually moved towards designs for automated assembly, bootstrapping our electronics assembly operations in the process. We now have an experienced team, automated assembly equipment and the privilege of being leading contributors/manufacturers in 3D printing electronics.

UltiMachine is proud to make Open Source Hardware. Thanks to all of our customers and collaborators for all the help in getting to where we are and working towards the future.