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RAMBo 1.3



Q.) Print from SD is missing from the LCD menu.

A.) In MarlinFirmware file Configuration.h uncomment "#define SDSUPPORT" by removing the first two slashes.

Power Supply


Q.) What are the spool dimensions?

A.) 1KG (2.2lb) Spool Dimensions

  • OD: 8" (203.20mm)
  • ID: 2" (50.80mm)
  • OD width: 2-7/8" (73.025mm)
  • ID width: 2-2/8" (57.15mm)
     5LB (2.3kg) Spool Dimensions
  • OD: 10.5" (266.70mm)
  • ID: 1.5" (38.10mm)
  • W: 4" (101.6mm)


Q.) Can you please provide the technical or safety data sheets for your filament?

A.) PLA Safety Data Sheet

      PLA Technical Data Sheet 

      ABS Safety Data Sheet

      Polycarbonate Safety Data Sheet

      HIPS Material Safety Data Sheet

      PVA Material Safety Data Sheet


Q.) How do you calculate material cost of a print.