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Thermistor 100K, Crimped w/ Cables


Thermistor 100K, Crimped w/ Cables

$ 4.00

This thermistor is used for measuring the temperature of the RepRap extruder.  The thermistor has been crimped with wire leads and a 2-pin male latch housing. The matching cable has been housed with a 2-pin female latch housing on one end, and a 2-pin connector labeled "thermistor" on the other end.

The default thermistor table in RepRap firmware is fairly close in the used temperature range. Custom thermistor table for firmware here.

Thermistor Manufacturer Part No. B57560G104F

Features include:
~Glass-encapsulated, heat-resistive and highly stable
~For temperature measurement up to 300 °C
~Fast response
~Thermistor Leads: dumet wires (copper-clad FeNi)
~Matching cable measures 47" (1193.8mm)

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