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RAMPS - PCB Shield (No Kit)

RAMPS - PCB Shield (No Kit)

$ 10.00

RAMPS - RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield board. This is version 1.4 of our shield, designed to drive a 3D printer from an Arduino Mega. It uses Pololu Stepper Drivers delivering up to 1/16 microstepping. Four drivers are needed to move most 3D printers, with 3 going to the axis & one driving the extruder. An optional fifth stepper driver socket has been provided for additional applications.

PCB Assembly Options:
No Assembly - receive a blank PCB, unpopulated
SMT Assembly - receive PCB with all SMT components pre-soldered

Assembly instructions and sources at You will need a soldering iron, solder/solder paste, solder wick, flux pen, tweezers, side cutters, and basic soldering skills. A multimeter is useful too. This board is Open Source Hardware licensed GPLv3, so please use, copy, improve, hack, upgrade, and / or contribute.

RAMPS provisions:

  • 3 PWM controlled mosfet powered outputs
  • Heated bed control with 11A fuse
  • 3 thermistor circuits
  • 5 Pololu Stepper Driver sockets
  • 6 sets of Digital Pins in headers with VCC and GND for endstops (
  • Uses pluggable screw terminal block for power connection
  • Fused at 5A for additional safety and component protection
  • Extra pins broke out : PWM, digital, serial, SPI, I2C and analog
  • Use of widely available, low cost, high quality RC servo connectors for interconnects
  • Arduino MEGA and Pololu Stepper Drivers easily removable for reuse at RAMPS end of life


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