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This is Archim2. The Archim2 board is an all in one 3D printer motherboard. It is an original RAMBo style design with the 32bit Atmel SAM3X8E  processor (same as Arduino Due) and TMC2130 stepper drivers all on one integrated PCB. Archim is named after the mathematician Archimedes. The RAMBo stands for (R)epRap (A)rduino-compatible (M)other (Bo)ard.

Major Features - 5 x integrated 256 microstep motor drivers, 6 total PWM Mosfet outputs, 4 thermistor inputs, SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) communicated motor current control (no tiny knobs to tweak), SMPS supports hostless printing on power supply voltages from 10-24V DC, 3 ATC fuse protected power rails, native Full Speed USB protected by an ADUM isolator, high quality connectors. It is supported by the Arduino IDE environment using the third party url board feature for easier firmware development.

Archim2 is supported in mainline Marlin Firmware as BOARD_ARCHIM2.

Please choose above if you prefer to receive an assembled circuit board only, or if you require the entire complete kit.  The circuit board will arrive pre-assembled, with all electronic components securely soldered to the PCB, ready for use. In the complete kit, you will receive the endstop switches/wire harnesses of your choice, two thermistor wire harnesses, plug connectors, USB cable, & we throw in gold connectors/headers for use on the motors & possible extra fan. Since Archim2 has nearly all the same connectors as RAMBo, the kit reuses the same components which are listed below.

Archim2 Complete Kit Includes:


Additional information and sources at the wiki. This board is Open Source Hardware licensed CERN Open Hardware Licence v1.2.

Designed and assembled in USA by UltiMachine.

Firmware / Hardware Information -
Recommended Power supply 12V-24V DC, 16A+

Windows 10, Linux and Mac use CDC interface and have hardware driver built in.
Windows legacy hardware driver:

A preconfigured Marlin4due Firmware is preloaded onto the board. Source code for this firmware is here.

To recompile firmware, you will need to select Archim from the Tools -> Board selection menu. To add the Archim board the Board Manager use the Arduino "File -> Preferences" menu and add this url: Archim can then be installed from the Tools -> Board -> Board Manager.

Board CAD files repository

Schematic PDF

Bill of Materials (CSV)

Board Dimensions and Layers


NOTE: If purchasing this board as a replacement for one received in another distributor's printer kit, please "Add a note to your order" ("notes" located in shopping cart view) prior to checkout regarding your printer's name/version/distributor details. The controller may require some adjustments for printer compatibility. Thank you!

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